We believe you should be able to stay in the comfort of your home and have your PC or iPhone repaired. Why go through the hassle of unplugging your computer and hauling it to a geeky repair center, or dropping off your phone for repaired? Let Source Code Dynamics come to you. Take advantage of our convenient & affordable service and get your device repaired today.

   Computer Repair

Viruses and/or spyware that have infected your system will cause your computer to perform sub par. If untreated, viruses or spyware can track your every click, corrupt data, and even bring your computer down to an unusable point. We will clean and protect your computer, making it run like new again. We also offer data recovery, networking and many other PC services, click the computer icon to check them out.

  iPhone Repair

You forgot your iPhone in your lap when you got out of the car and now has a shattered screen. Your iPhone 5 slipped out of your hand when reaching to buy a case. It happens to the best of us. Our full iPhone repair services cover everything from a cracked screen, to the charging port, power button, home button, speakerphone and everything in between. Same day service! Click the iPhone icon above and scroll to submit a ticket. 


Computer and iPhone Repair